Kim French


Kim French was born in Seattle Washington and primarily raised in Montana. Hiking, fishing, and camping, are her favorite memories from childhood. The adventures she had in the woods are a permanent part of her to this day. Foxgloves, raspberries, blackberries, ferns, and fairies are friends of the woods.

She has spent the better part of the last twenty four years gardening, and seventeen years writing about herbs. When she’s not doing research into the many herbs and plants she studies, she’s in the garden propagating and caring for the treasures she already acquired and the many more she has still to play with.

Her interests today include wild crafting, wild harvesting, self sufficiency, canning and food storage, native plant uses, heirlooms, seed security, saving the bees, homeopathy, and of course, gardening.

Kim is an avid reader and has a voracious appetite for books. Especially books about plants. From old medicinals, to boring encyclopedias, if it has anything to do with plants, she reads it.

Kim has three extraordinary children who help her along the way. From taste testing, to gardening, to artwork and ideas, and even recipes – none of this could have been done without the little helpers.

Today, Kim resides in the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana where she was raised as a small child, and is the caretaker of Gaia’s Garden.

Kim’s Published Title Includes:
Gaia’s Garden

If you would like to contact Kim, please e-mail her at

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