Divine Contact 2

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Divine Contact 2
Author: Losara
United States Price: $19.95
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In this age of endless debate over which scriptures contain the correct guidelines for living a righteous life, this book stands out as a breath of fresh air and intelligence.  Based upon the universal laws, these answers to impossible questions rise above past misperceptions to reveal truth as it was meant to be understood:  clear, pure, and wise.  Presented here are some of the most controversial and poignant questions asked by man:

  • “Is abortion a sin?”
  • “What causes cancer?”
  • “Who is right: the creationists or evolutionists?”
  • “Where is my soul mate?”
  • “Is there life on other planets?”
  • “Who was Jesus?”
  • “What is my purpose?”

As a spiritual medium and channeler, Losara received these remarkable answers of universal truth from the Holy Spirit and her master teacher.  In over one hundred spiritual readings, you will find what Lincoln referred to as self-evident truths.  All arguments become null and void in the face of truth, for the Universal Laws shine a light so profound that all errors of opinion are illuminated; they vanish almost from embarrassment, for once truth is seen, all wonder how they could have believed or lived in the shadows of misperception.

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