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Gloria Benish’s brother-in-law called one day, swearing he had not been drinking, but an energy force field entered his room and said, “Gloria is going to do it in 1992.”  When Gloria asked what she was going to do, he didn’t know – “Well, thanks for nothing…”

Gloria then received spiritual guidance that she was going to start up a Publishing Company.  She argued saying she didn’t know the first thing about publishing books, nor did she have the money.  Spirit told her to be at peace, and voila!  The Miracle Publishing Company was established in 1992 by Gloria and Kirk Benish.

As an author, Gloria successfully self-published three titles before she was signed by a New York Publishing Company.  The decision was made to close down Miracle Publishing Company in 2005.

In 2015, Gloria decided to pick up where she left off, and this time, she wanted to help other creative artists realize their dreams of inspiring change and healing the world one heart at a time.