Total Truth & Lies

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Total Truth & Lies
Author: Mother Hope
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It’s time to clean house concerning rape and abuse. Total Truth & Lies offers tools for prevention and recovery, as well as addressing the ravages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Grab your flashlight, a broom, and the dustpan as we shine a spotlight on the predators and clean up the mess they’ve left behind.


The reader should expect the use of profanity and graphic rape description, as this is a very violent subject. Caution is advised. The road to healing is not always smooth and scenic. Should you be afraid? Not as frightened as a predator should be!



…Mother Hope has rolled up her sleeves, ready to tackle serious issues being faced by today’s families. Her tragic story will lift you from despair, and give you undeniable faith and hope to live and heal through the power of love. There is nothing that is impossible to achieve once you realize the Truth…it’s not what you know, it’s “Who you know.”

                   A Course For Recovery

    • Rape avoidance
    • How to begin feeling safe again if rape occurs
    • Why do rapists rape?
    • Steps for healing
    • Learning discernment
    • Learning to love yourself
    • Learning how to recognize a predator

Not for children under the age of 16, without parental consent and supervision.

Join Mother Hope as she learns to stand up for herself (and you) on the journey to recovery.

Mother Hope
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ISBN 0-9636100-7-4 $24.95