In 1992, Losara – then an ordinary mother of two – had an extraordinary experience that caused her to leave her body and go into a vast expanse of Light.  There she encountered the Holy Spirit and was given a glimpse of the Higher Consciousness.  This even changed her life forever, as she suddenly became a spiritual medium able to contact the Holy Spirit, Angels, Masters, and Saints on the Other Side.  Losara received incredible dissertations and spiritual training from these divine sources and began to do trance channeling, providing spiritual readings for people and groups, as well as contacting departed loved ones in Heaven.

Losara does a variety of spiritual work for people from all over the world, and all at no charge, believing deeply that her information comes freely from God and should be given to all for free.  Losara’s two books on spirituality, explain the truth about reincarnation, karma, past-lives, life lessons, the Laws of the Universe, and that God is REAL.  Losara now has three children and lives with her husband, an engineering-physicist, on the East Coast.

Losara’s published titles include:
Divine Contact
Divine Contact 2