Mother Hope

Mother Hope is a mother/grandmother/minister and lives in Safetown, USA.  She is a victim of molestation, incest, physical/verbal/emotional abuse, and sexual assault.  Through these terrifying experiences, she has become an advocate, assisting humanity in the avoidance of and recovery from trauma.

Mother Hope’s true identity is not of importance. We do not need to personalize a topic of such importance or an individual. Nor do we need to open the door for criticism or applause.

As Mother Hope reiterates:

“Talk to your significant other, your family, and your friends…many have their own story. Attempt to openly discuss this information and allow healing to safely begin without judgment. The message is paramount. We no longer need to internalize our experiences, we merely need to recognize and accept…we are not alone on our journey to recovery.”


Mother Hope’s Published Title Include:
Total Truth & Lies

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