Open Line Newspaper Review, February 2016

Total Truth & Lies
(Ultimate Freedom for the Soul)
By: Mother Hope

“It’s time to clean house concerning rape and abuse. Total Truth & Lies offers tools for prevention and recovery, as well as addressing the ravages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Grab your flashlight, a broom, and the dustpan as we shine a spotlight on the predators and clean up the mess they’ve left behind.

The reader of this book should expect the use of profanity and graphic rape description, as this is a very violent subject. The road to healing is not always smooth and scenic. Should you be afraid? Not as frightened as a predator should be!

A gang of “bad guys” raped the wrong gal this time…as an author/widow/minister, I am willing to shout this message to humanity that this behavior is going to cease and desist. Since the predators can’t stop their behavior, it is up to us to stand united, become aware of how to recognize and avoid them, and remove their prey.

Date rape drugs are easy to obtain and rape is a world-wide epidemic. The drug can be administered at colleges, universities, parties, medical procedures, the work place, or even in my case, within the privacy of my own home.

Within this book, I have included a Course to Achieve Inner Peace and Empowerment for Victims of Abuse & Rape and I pray that it be blessed with the Light of God to go forth and guide His children safely home and back to peace.

Always, Mother Hope.”


Q: Hope, you state in your book that you felt a calling to write about your rape and abuse experiences to help others.

A: Yes, when involuntary body movements began occurring and I was reliving the violent rape (without the men in the room) and memories surfaced, I knew I had to write about it to help others learn how to heal and become empowered. I feared that if I was remembering 8 ½ years after the attacks occurred, there was a good chance that other women and children would have the amnesiac drug wearing off and their memories surfacing, perhaps not knowing how to deal with the information and experiences.

Q: In your book, you talk about things that you discovered when you awakened to the memories, like:

  • How did my bedroom door get broken?
  • How did my back get broken and sustained three severe whiplashes?
  • Why is my jaw out of alignment and I can no longer eat correctly?
  • Why do my ears hurt so badly? Etc, etc, etc….

How did you learn to deal with this?

A: As the memories surfaced, there were more questions than answers. Until we, individually, awaken from the amnesia and remember the experiences and feel the fear we felt, froze, and repressed, we are in total confusion. Absolute fear, I might add! Each step along the way was slow for me. Acceptance was difficult, to believe that someone who wore the face of a “friend” could do something like this. We’ve heard the term, “stay in the moment” as spiritual seekers. I definitely could only take a day at a time and learned to follow the “bread crumbs” to find resolution.

Q: In the book, within the Foreword, you provide two pages of explicit information of what is forthcoming in case some of your readers want to avoid your memories of March 23rd and 24th.

A: Yes, I provide information for ***Trigger Points*** for rape and abuse victims, forewarning in case some of the pages may be too graphic.

Q: In Chapter 6, you tell how easy it is to get the date rape drugs and talk about the symptoms of them.

A: Yes, I think it’s vital to list these drugs and their symptoms, as quoted from the Illinois Department of Public Women’s Health.

GHB: a colorless, odorless liquid, powder or pill.
Ketamine: white powder.
Rohypnol: a pill that dissolves in liquid.

Some of these have affects that are deadly. You can go to the website for information:

Q: You have an entire Course for Recovery to help anyone who has been abused or raped – emotionally or physically. I believe this part of the book is a great tool for self-help.

A: I felt the book needed this part for the reader to focus and begin the healing. Once others have awareness of physical and sexual violence, they are empowered concerning:

  • Power and control,
  • Non-violent Equality,
  • Red Flags of a potential abuser,
  • Characteristics of physical/sexual abuse,
  • Recognizing verbal and emotional abuse,
  • Being prepared with a safety plan,
  • Assessing whether batterers will kill,
  • Why do I stay, etc, etc, etc.

Total Truth & Lies (Ultimate Freedom for the Soul) is available on, as well as the E-Book version. Readers can also purchase the book through the publishing company website: This website also has other books available from different authors.

Reviewed by:  LuAnn Stallcop, Owner/Editor, Open Line Newspaper

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