Dear Global Family,

Good news! Amazon downloaded the Revised Edition of AS GOD IS MY WITNESS a day early and it is now an Amazon E-Book, available to the public. I am attaching a PDF “Global Peace Movement” for your awareness. If you support the message to stop the global sexual war against humanity by praying the GLOBAL 8 PRAYER, please send this PDF to your family, friends and social circles. Or, anywhere you believe this information could be helpful.
Within the PDF, I have provided the two chapters out of WITNESS that explains the Prayer and WHY I’m attempting to begin a global peace movement. In the Bible, it says, “It’s easy to pray for those we love,” but we are asked to “pray for our enemy.” These chapters explain that by praying, it alleviates the ability for a predator to hurt another individual.
I’m not trying to “make a book sale.” I’m attempting to get the information to the masses, to add their loving prayers to “clean house” against those bullies who hurt the meek and the weak. Even if no one buys the book, these two chapters that I’m attaching will set the GLOBAL 8 PRAYER in motion.
Thank you so much for your support!

Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.
Miracle Publishing & Distribution, LLC
P.O. Box 457
Stevensville, MT 59870

Peace Movement

Final Promotional Flyer

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