Total Truth & Lies – Updates

Note from the Publisher:

We have been asked by several readers who the real author is.  We would like to announce that Miracle Publishing & Distribution, LLC promotes HOPE, not an individual.  The message is paramount, and we have received several comments from readers of abuse and rape that Total Truth & Lies is of great benefit for the steps to recovery.

This book has been donated to several places on a national level, from coast to coast, that have the potential to help our military service survivors, convicts that have been the victim of sexual assault, and other victims of abuse and rape.  Comments from survivors, ages ranging from early 20’s to 85+ years old, reinforce that no matter what age, the information is valuable.

One of our most recent examples comes from the comments of a Bill Cosby victim.  This month, Senate Members will review state and national law, concerning the Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault, being potentially abolished as of July 2016…if all goes well.

It’s time for change!  Help us to help others become aware.  Thank you all for your support!

Miracle Publishing & Distribution, LLC

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